What We Do

Website Development

We strive to design and develop websites that maintain the look and feel of your church / business. We do our best to capture who you are and carry that same culture forward in the electronic version of someone walking into your door.

We will ensure your website is mobile friendly. We can also include online payments (tithes and offerings for churches), online access to your live or recorded video &/or audio, visitor info pages, church / business calendar, online store, contact pages, etc... Church / business e-mail accounts included.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps are the best way to keep your church members or business customers connected. People that feel more connected are more likely to stay and are more likely to bring others to your church or business.

A Church App will keep your congregation informed, allow them to submit their tithes and offerings electronically, read the bible anywhere, listen to Christian music and watch / listen to your live or past church services -all directly from the app! A Business App will allow you to send sales info, list current specials, a menu if you are a restaurant, place orders online, etc... to you customers!

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Social Media Marketing

Your church or business probably uses social media, but how many people are you attracting to your door each week? Let us optimize your social media accounts so they can drive new members to you.

We can even manage your social media pages for you, adding new content, new posts, and reminders of your church / business events every week.

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Accept Credit Cards Online

Let us provide your church with the ability to easily accept credit cards inside your church, on your church website, on your church app, or even via text. We can add this to existing websites & apps or to ones that we build for you.

Some churches see as much as a 20% increase in their revenue once they begin accepting tithes and offerings using more modern means. And the setup time for accepting your tithes and offerings electronically is typically taking less than 1-2 days.

The same can be done for businesses by giving you the ability to accept payments online or on your app. We can even give you an online store on your website or app.

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